Forecast for Onsakervika Camping

Forecast for Onsakervika Camping Precip.Temp.Windspeed
11/12/201801–06Clear sky0 mm0 °CLight breeze from South-southwest2 m/s
06–12Clear sky0 mm-2 °CLight air from South1 m/s
12–18Clear sky0 mm-1 °CLight air from East1 m/s
18–24Clear sky0 mm-4 °CLight air from East0 m/s
12/12/201800–06Clear sky0 mm-6 °CLight air from East-northeast1 m/s
06–12Clear sky0 mm-8 °CLight air from East-northeast1 m/s
12–18Clear sky0 mm-8 °CLight air from East1 m/s
18–24Clear sky0 mm-8 °CLight air from East0 m/s
13/12/201800–06Fair0 mm-9 °CLight air from East-northeast1 m/s
06–12Partly cloudy0 mm-11 °CLight air from Northeast1 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-6 °CLight air from Southeast0 m/s
19–01Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight breeze from North-northwest2 m/s
14/12/201801–07Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight breeze from North-northwest2 m/s
07–13Cloudy0 mm-5 °CLight air from Northwest2 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight air from West1 m/s
19–01Cloudy0 mm-5 °CLight air from Northwest1 m/s
15/12/201801–07Cloudy0 mm-6 °CLight air from North-northeast1 m/s
07–13Cloudy0 mm-5 °CLight air from West-northwest1 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-5 °CLight air from North1 m/s
19–01Snow2 mm-2 °CLight breeze from North3 m/s
16/12/201801–07Snow2 mm-1 °CGentle breeze from North3 m/s
07–13Snow2 mm-1 °CGentle breeze from Southeast5 m/s
13–19Snow2 mm-1 °CGentle breeze from East-southeast5 m/s
19–01Snow2 mm0 °CGentle breeze from East-southeast4 m/s
17/12/201801–07Snow2 mm0 °CGentle breeze from North4 m/s
07–13Cloudy0 mm-1 °CLight breeze from East-northeast2 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-1 °CLight air from West-northwest1 m/s
19–01Cloudy0 mm-2 °CLight air from Northeast1 m/s
18/12/201801–07Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight air from North-northwest1 m/s
07–13Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight air from North-northwest1 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight air from West-northwest1 m/s
19–01Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight air from West1 m/s
19/12/201801–07Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight air from West-northwest1 m/s
07–13Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight air from Northwest2 m/s
13–19Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight air from Northwest1 m/s
19–01Cloudy0 mm-4 °CLight air from West-northwest1 m/s
20/12/201801–07Cloudy0 mm-3 °CLight breeze from North2 m/s

Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.