Barbeque not allowed

Campfires and barbecuing are pleasant out in the open and in your own garden. Here you can see how and when you can barbecue and light campfires, and which precautions you should take.

What is the general ban on fires?
In Norway everyone must show care and act in a way to prevent fires from occurring. This concerns everyone, at all times end everywhere.

We also have a general ban on fires from 15 April to 15 September, where it is prohibited to light campfires and barbecues in or close to forests and other outlying areas. The fire department may nevertheless grant permission to light campfires if you apply. Always check which rules apply in your municipality before lighting a fire.

Beaches are often considered outlying areas and are thus included in the general ban on campfires. If you nevertheless want to light a fire or a barbecue, you must apply to the municipality for permission.

Although there is a general ban on campfires, you are permitted to light campfires where it is obvious a fire cannot start. A great deal of precipitation is required before it is obvious that a fire cannot start.

Violations of the duty of care or the general ban on campfires are punishable by fines or imprisonment.

Can I barbecue in my own garden?
If you are barbecuing in areas that are far from forests and outlying areas, for example in gardens or at designated barbecue and campfire sites in parks, the general duty of care applies. This means that you must be careful, responsible and that the fire must be completely extinguished before leaving the site.

If using a disposable grill, remember to consider the risk of fire on the ground. Disposable grills become very hot underneath, and grass can easily catch fire or become damaged by the heat. Never place the grill directly on the ground.

Are bonfires allowed on Midsummer’s Eve?
You must apply to the fire department in your municipality for permission to light a Midsummer’s Eve bonfire. The fire department will consider the location of the bonfire, the fire hazard and weather conditions. The fire department may set conditions for granting permission. The person applying to light a bonfire must of course also have permission from the landowner to light a bonfire.

Tips for safe fires:
– Consider the risk of forest fire and wind conditions.
– It is always the person burning the fire who is responsible for fire safety.
– There should be an adult, sober person responsible for the fire.
– The fire should be a good distance from buildings and vegetation.
– It is not permitted to light fires on rocks along the coast.
– The fire must not be larger than that you can control it and extinguish it if necessary.
– Have suitable means for extinguishing easily available.
– It is prohibited to burn plastic, building materials and other waste.
– When you leave the site of the fire, it must be completely extinguished.
The forest fire index at shows whether there is a risk of forest fire where you live.