Onsakervika Camping is now environmentally certified

Green Key environmental certification is a visible evidence that Onsakervika Camping takes responsibility for the environment. The criteria are many – everything from energy, washing, waste management and information work to being a responsible employer.

Onsakervika Camping is working to promote sustainable development. We want to do our best to take care of the environment and nature, and that our guests’ needs will be met without compromising the opportunities of later generations to meet their needs. We also want to be a responsible workplace, and comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as work for a continuous improvement of environmental protection.

Our contribution to a better environment for the future is, among other things, that we have replaced all hazardous chemicals against ecolabelled products, and we have also taken measures to save energy by largely using LED lighting and well-insulated buildings. We have introduced source sorting for corporate employees and guests. We hope that our guests will cooperate with us on this.

The campsite has also established its own Biovac® biological treatment plant. Such a treatment plant is a very good environmentally friendly waste water treatment solution for those who do not have municipal drainage. The technology used is based on a natural and biochemical cleaning process.

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